When it’s time to hit the road and indulge in an epic road trip with friends or family this summer, there’s always that one essential ingredient you need to have on hand – music! And not just any music! When you’re driving for hours on end, the only way to make it better is to have some good foot stompin’, head boppin’ tunes that you can sing along to and that will keep you entertained and awake. Here we put together 15 of the best cruising tunes of all time to help make your road trips that much sweeter.

A perfect addition to your summer holidays is a fun-filled road trip. And whether you plan to fill your car with some friends or your minivan with the kids, you need to do some basic preparation ahead of time. Here are seven tips to ensure that your summer road trip goes just as planned.

Your car is exposed to all of the elements and conditions out on the road each and every day. And even though they are coated with paint and often a protective layer of zinc, vehicles are not invincible to corrosion and rust. Rust can be a major pain to car owners because it damages the bodywork and can also cause a slew of structural and safety issues. If you are starting to spot rust along your vehicle, read on to find out why you should consider fixing those spots right away.

When it comes to transporting the family around in the car, you need a good and reliable vehicle to get to and from each destination comfortably and safely. But beyond the factor of safety, there are some other essentials that are a must for a good family friendly vehicle that will make your life a whole lot easier and those family road trips a heck of a lot more enjoyable for everyone. Here we look at some of the reasons why it’s important to have a reliable family vehicle that you can trust.

When purchasing a car, you generally have two options – you can search online for a private owner offering a vehicle you like, or you can shop at a local dealership. Both choices have their pros and cons, but one option shines above the other when it comes to safety, time, and money. Here we explore why buying a used car from a dealership is your best bet when looking for a new vehicle.

The idea of a shiny new car can be very alluring – especially with all the new fancy features that have been introduced over the past few years. But many people find themselves faced with the question, “Can I really afford a new car?” And the answer may not be completely clear cut, as there are many ways a new car can save you money and become an affordable choice. Plus, there are lots of discounts and deals out there that can help shave off some of the initial costs. Here we look at the ways you can get into a new car faster than you think.

Driving during the nighttime isn’t just inconvenient – it can also be dangerous. With reduced visibility from the darkness and glaring lights, it can be increasingly difficult to make accurate judgments in regards to your speed and distance in relation to other objects. And whether you have good vision or not, driving at night can make any driver feel less confident when it’s time to get behind the wheel. But by taking some important precautions, you can drastically improve your visibility and safety while driving at night. Here are some tips help you achieve this:

After the long and dirty winter, nothing needs a good cleaning more than your automobile. Take advantage of the spring cleaning fever by tackling that dirt and grime that’s collected both inside and outside of your vehicle. With just a few simple steps you can avoid damage from winter salt residue, and have it shining and ready to cruise into the warmer days ahead. Here are some tips when it’s time to tackle spring cleaning your vehicle:

There are plenty of reasons to want to purchase a bigger car. Maybe you just had another child, or maybe it’s simply time to upgrade. Whatever your reason, a bigger car is always beneficial, no matter the lifestyle.

So, if you’re asking yourself whether it’s time to upgrade to a bigger car, we think the answer can be found in the new Hyundai Santa Fe! It has everything that you could possibly need, all in one vehicle with a spacious interior to enjoy.

Here are a few great reasons why you’ll find all you need and more in the new Hyundai Santa Fe!

Living in the glorious Canadian climate means that we know the woes of winter far too well. And when that snow and ice come bellowing down, our cars must be able to endure that wintery weather and keep us safe. But, the great debate still remains – winter tires, or all-season tires? It’s the question that so many drivers face when it’s time to endure the winter.

So here we’ve broken down a few of the main benefits and differences of each to help you make the best decision for your car. Even though winter is wrapping up, it’s not too late to take advantage of end-of-season discounts on new tires.

Winter Tires


Enhanced Braking Performance

Winter tires are specifically designed with a focus on the braking performance. Since they are intended for the winter, it’s not a surprise that they have enhanced braking systems that make them durable and reliable when driving on snow and ice.

Perform Well in All Weather Conditions

The ice and snow aren’t the only weather conditions that these tires can handle well. Winter tires perform just as well on slushy, wet roads, or even cold and dry surfaces. They have the traction to keep you on track and safe.

Special Tread Designs

The reason why winter tires have superior traction is due to the tread designs that are specifically made for that harsh winter weather. They incorporate specially formulated rubber that provides the necessary traction and flexibility to allow you to maintain control of your car when those temperatures drop.

All-Season Tires


Provide Traction in Wet and Snowy Weather

All-season tires are similar to winter tires in the sense that they also provide grip along snowy, wet surfaces. However, the braking system and tread design differ and therefore, give winter tires a better rating for ceasing motion during winter conditions.

Provide Stable Handling and Treadwear for Wet and Cold Weather

These tires do, however, still provide enough treadwear to deliver stable handling that’s necessary during those tricky weather elements that can make steering more of a challenge. And whether it’s cold or wet out, they provide traction during both conditions.

The debate often remains as to which is better during the winter weather – winter tires or all-season tires. And although both provide traction during those wintery weather elements, winter tires do offer more benefits when facing unpredictable conditions. Winter tires provide a superior design for braking and traction that can give you the confidence you need when heading out on the road.