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As Canadians, we need to continually adjust our driving habits to match our country’s unpredictable weather conditions. And this summer, when the stormy weather kicks in, you need to be on guard for unexpected downpours and fog that make it hard to see other drivers, pedestrians, and road hazards.  To ensure you make it through this summer accident-free, here are five tips for safe stormy weather driving.

Now that the weather has started to heat up, it’s time to finally strip your car of those winter tires. But what type of tires should you equip during the warmer months? Well, depending on your vehicle, local driving conditions, and personal preference, there are two options to choose from. Check out the differences between all-season and summer tires below to decide which type is best for your vehicle.

Are you ready to take a look at Hyundai’s newest model that just landed on the market?  There’s been a lot of hype around the Kona, which has had car enthusiasts very excited for its release. Coined as the “new breed of SUV” designed to take on the city, Hyundai has outdone themselves once again.

Not only does it offer superior performance for its class, it comes with an impressive design that’s sure to attract both adventurers and urban motorists alike. To find out why we’re so excited, check out the five reasons why you’ll love the Hyundai Kona as much as we do.

As soon as winter is over, most drivers can barely recognize their car since it’s covered in mud and salt stains inside and out. But with winter behind us, now’s the perfect time to give your car a deep clean and beautiful shine. Check out these helpful tips to give your vehicle the spring cleaning it really needs.

Looking to buy a pre-owned vehicle? We highly recommend you give it a thorough inspection before buying. A circle check and test drive can help save you from buying a car that will end up requiring a significant number of costly repairs in the near future. If you aren’t a car expert and are unsure of what to look for, check out these five tips when inspecting a pre-owned vehicle.

Driving with worn tires is not only dangerous but also irresponsible.  Compromised tires make you more vulnerable to an accident, especially if you have low tread or cracked portions. And the scary thing is that most people on the road aren’t even aware that their tires need replacing. So if you’re not sure if you need new tires for your car, here are five easy ways to tell if you need a replacement this season.

Just when you thought Hyundai had brought out all the stops with their new electronic Ioniq, they go ahead and release their second electric SUV that is both stylish and environmentally friendly – the Kona. And although they plan to release the vehicle in Europe and South Korea before bringing it to North America, it doesn’t hurt to get a sneak peek at what the new model will offer drivers. Check out some of our favourite features upon first glance.

Hyundai has just released their most impressive vehicle yet. The all-new 2018 IONIQ Electric is one of the most advanced propulsion vehicles that is both fun to drive and incredibly stylish. It’s an environmentally conscious car that helps to reduce pollution while still looking just as sleek as the luxury cars on the market. If you’re not familiar with the new electric line by Hyundai, here’s a breakdown of what to look forward to with the new IONIQ electric.

Hyundai’s History

March 12, 2018

Hyundai has become one of the most trusted automobile brands in the world. Their success has been nothing short of impressive – starting small in Korea in 1947 to selling over 5 million vehicles in 2017! To learn more about how the Hyundai brand started and what has driven their success, here’s a little bit of Hyundai’s history and their most notable milestones.